Innovative manufacturing model

At Sanctband, we implement a Continuous Improvement Culture alternatively known as Kaizen approach. With Kaizen, employees at all levels of our organization are engaged in a continuous improvement from workforce to product quality. Deeply rooted in our brands’ core belief that our products have the power to affect lives, Sanctband build and sustain a working space promoting enhancement of knowledge and employees’ engagement in multi-facet of the organization

Human Development Programme

We encourage youth development from workplace till community. For workplace, we ensure our work environment and dynamic programme provides the best learning experiences to intern and our people. In addition, we also consistently promote fitness for better lifestyle through easy access to resistance training products and also workout classes.

We recognized the importance of supporting promising young athletes and nurturing and their hopes for the future in dreams of sporting success. Therefore, we help young people to develop their athletic talents – from hobby to competitive and championship sports. From supporting initiatives to product training, Sanctband accompany our talented young athletes to complete their education and vocational training.

Sanctband is and always strongly committed to improving the quality of life through community-based initiatives. From sponsoring products to community’s workout, we aspire to promote and instil awareness on the positive benefit of fitness be it on physical and mental health.

Green Footprint

Sustainability Resources– We ensure main material, the Natural Rubber Latex are purchased from reputable Latex Concentrate factories only. Clean Emission – 95% of its energy requirements is from the Liquefied Petroleum Gas thus Carbon Emission is almost zero. Responsible Waste Management – Recyclable waste such as latex scrap and paper are disposed with recycling purposes. Our state-of-the-art facility ensure all discharges comply to the Malaysian Environmental Health standards and on par with the World’s best practice (behind Health standards)